Health This aspect encompasses a wide spectrum, but our focus will primarily be on maternal health and adolescent girls’
sexual reproductive health. We believe that every mother should maintain a healthy diet during their pregnancy.
Oral Hygiene Dental hygiene is a big problem in least developed countries. Many communities, especially rural,
suffer from poor dental education and insufficient access to proper dental care.
Water & Sanitation The access to groundwater in our focus areas such as Bangladesh is vital to many communities. In some rural villages,
nearby streams are used for everything, including washing – making drinking stream water not viable.
Poverty Alleviation Our charity’s focus is to prevent and relief poverty as much as we can. We understand that poverty cannot be eliminated completely from the planet
earth in near future or even for the foreseeable future, but our combined efforts and support will ease the struggle of survivals for many.
Women Empowerment Many communities across the globe are hidden under a world-spanning blanket, where issues such as women’s employment is at threat
and even outpaces that of their male counterparts, exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.

About Our Organisation

We are on a mission to build a better and fairer world

Care Across Communities (CAC) is grassroots, back-to-basics charity focusing on developing communities in least developed countries.

Care Across Communities (CAC) was founded in 2021, based on the vision of a better and fairer world. We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales as a completely not-for-profit charitable organisation.

Care Across Communities (CAC) comprises of a group of passionate individuals from different communities across the world. We want to use our strength of diversity to care for communities. With hubs in places like Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya, our vision is to provide resources to communities in villages and cities so they can combat the consequences of poverty – from eliminating hunger to children’s education.

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Our Events & Activities

CAC has launched a new project

With a vision to empower rural women, Care Across Communities (CAC) commenced its new project called the ‘Rural Women Empowerment-Goat Rearing Project’. Under this project, poverty-stricken women living in rural...
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CAC has been recognised-Thank you!!

After over two years since our conception, Care Across Communities (CAC) has finally been recognised with an award! Acquisition International has awarded us their ‘Best Developing Countries Poverty Alleviation Charity...
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Empowering women through distributing goats

    In May 2023, Care Across Communities (CAC) started the 'Rural Women Empowerment: Goat Rearing Project' in Bangladesh. Under this project, women from marginalised Dalit families were given female...
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Our Impact Stories, Researches & Reports

Rural women empowerment in Bangladesh

Following on from our ‘rural women empowerment scheme’ last month, here is a case study of one of our beneficiaries, Saija Begum. Saija lives in the village of Paikan, a deeply rural area in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh. She is the wife of Toyob Ali and cares for a family of six. What we would find idyllic, she would...
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A story of indigenous girl: How Care Across Communities has been supporting her during the pandemic

Shanchita Tripura, a student of class 4 at ‘Shantiraj Primary School’ which is situated in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district, Bangladesh.  Sanchita belongs to the ‘Tripura’ community which is an indigenous/ tribal community in Bangladesh.  Due to ceaseless school closure because of Covid-19, students like Shanchita are deprived from education and schooling as school is unable to connect with students...
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Skill development and empowerment: A journey to alleviate poverty on a sustainable way

Chittagong Hill Tracts are located in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh and consist of three hilly districts: Rangamati, Bandarban & Khagrachori. There are more than fifteen indigenous tribes (Marma, Rakhine, Mro, Murang, Bawm, Khyang, Tripura, Lushei, Khumi, Chak, Kuki, Chakma, and Tanchanga) living in these areas. Due to various socio- economic reasons and limited scopes, many of them embrace cultivation...
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