A story of indigenous girl: How Care Across Communities has been supporting her during the pandemic

Shanchita Tripura, a student of class 4 at ‘Shantiraj Primary School’ which is situated in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district, Bangladesh.  Sanchita belongs to the ‘Tripura’ community which is an indigenous/ tribal community in Bangladesh.  Due to ceaseless school closure because of Covid-19, students like Shanchita are deprived from education and schooling as school is unable to connect with students using digital technology. Like Sanchita, none of her school mates have access to digital technology to connect with school as almost all students are from very poor socio-economic backgrounds.


To reduce the impact of prolonged school closure, ‘Care Across Communities’ has taken steps  to stand beside of  a few children from this indegenious community who live at ‘Shadhu Jospeh Para’ at Thanchi, Bandarban. Sachita is one of them. ‘Care Across Communities’ has sent gift packs for the children who are primary level students. Each gift pack contains pencil, pen, notebooks, and other stationery products that are essential for their education.  Our small gifts encouraged Sanchita and other children to continue their education despite all disruptions happening around them. Our volunteer, Ananta Tripura, from the same community is co-ordinating our initiative. After obtaining such educational gifts, Sanchita like her friends has further developed interest in exploring new areas of learning and trying to recover loss due to the school closure.   Following our findings and understanding positive impacts on these children education, we,  ‘Care across Communities’, have decided to extend our support to even greater number of children from poor and marginalised communities who are otherwise unable to continue developing their knowledge in this difficult time.

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