Busingye’s Story: A widow & mother of 6 wonderful children

Care Across Communities (CAC) is working closely with  Kisoro Community Volunteers Association (KCVA) to change lives of many. This is one of the stories of a mother, widow, and sole bread earner of six wonderful children.

When I had lost hopes for my children, Kisoro Community Volunteers Association came to my rescue” – Busingye

Busingye lives in Nyakabingo a village of Kisoro District, south-western Uganda. Everything changed when Busingye lost her husband about five years ago, she had been blessed with 6 children. While she struggled to cope with the grief for the loss, she had to carry on with burden to look after her children. Until now, she has to go out in her neighbourhood to work part time on gardens to get some income — a back breaking work. Her day begins with preparing food for her children before going around in the neighbourhood in search of garden work, sometimes travelling long distance to the nearby villages.

She says the money she is paid is not enough to cater for essentials such as clothing for the children, paying school fees or buying school uniforms. Many times her children could not go to school as a result.

Busingye and her family came to the notice of Kisoro Community Volunteers Association (KCVA) that had started operating in her area few years earlier. KCVA started providing support to the family through paying school fees and other school items for the children who were supposed to be going to school. KCVA has also supported the family to supplement food cost, providing clothing and material support. On the same note the family has benefited from the KCVA’s goats for the future project a project that provides goats of local good breed to the needy and vulnerable women especially the widows of rural areas of Kisoro like Busingye. Such support has reduced the weight of burden on Busingye and more importantly restored hope.

Busingye hopes for better life as she dreams of her children going on to higher education if she receives more support.

The coronavirus pandemic have had a major impact in Uganda and Kisoro in particular. Her earnings have been affected. She is unable to get where to work on daily basis due to low income levels pendemic has caused, and the price of necessities such as salt, cooking oil, soap, go up daily. As a result, the family survive on just one meal a day. Many people in her community have suffered the same way due to coronavirus pandemic. Kisoro Community Volunteers Association continues to work with their international partners to help to alleviate these secondary impacts of the virus.

With support from our partners we can help many more widows like Busingye to break through poverty and have hope for a better future for themselves and their children.

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