CAC celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day

Care Across Communities celebrated the Menstrual Hygiene Day.

We at Care Across Communities (CAC) are active in our support to make menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030.

CAC’s partner organisation MAC Bangladesh organised a menstrual hygiene awareness programme in Khaichara Tea Garden, Sreemangal. This event was participated by:

  • Adolescent tea workers and schoolgirls from tea workers’ families.
  • Health officials from the local government administration and family planning department, • A senior staff nurse from Upazila Health Complex.
  • Community leaders.


It was an interactive session where they educated the adolescent girls about the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene. They also discussed the issues related to reproductive health and fighting against period poverty.


The tea industry is predominantly worked by women, and Sreemangal is its capital in Bangladesh. It is women who pick the leaves, come rain or shine. Eight hours a day, six days a week. These tea workers live below the poverty line, and cannot afford sanitary pads during their menstruation days, so they must resort to using dirty pieces of cloth – a dangerous necessity that leads to a plethora of diseases, especially without access to proper water or sanitation.

Ultimately, this discussion leads to deeper issues; the surrounding social stigma, taboo and superstition around menstruation. These negative attitudes pervade social classes and is a leading reason for school dropouts, early marriages for girls, and high mortality rate during childbirth.

Emphasising menstrual hygiene is incredibly important, as a study by the World Bank found that barely a quarter of women in Bangladesh used appropriate sanitary products. CAC will continue their work to make adolescent girls from marginalised communities in Bangladesh aware that menstrual hygiene is a fundamental right of each and every woman.

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