CAC distributed umbrellas to school going children in Bangladesh


Back in 2022 Sanim, a volunteer of Care Across Communities (CAC), went to Thanchi and Rangpur to monitor and evaluate the progress of the ongoing education project in Bangladesh. As he spoke to the parents and teachers of the beneficiaries, they shared some of the difficulties that their children face. One of the common issues noted from both places was that during monsoon season children often miss attending school. Walking through heavy rain with no protection is uncomfortable for the children as they have to sit in class all day in wet clothes. As a solution to that, the parents asked CAC if the children could be provided with an umbrella alongside other materials. Under this initiative, CAC’s volunteer Priyo distributed umbrellas amongst a few primary school children from one of the most remote areas of Rangpur, Bangladesh.

CAC would like to thank its volunteer Ethan for raising funds from a primary school in Northern Ireland for this cause. CAC will be continuously working to eliminate inequality in underdeveloped communities across the world.

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