With a vision to empower rural women, Care Across Communities (CAC) commenced its new project called the ‘Rural Women Empowerment-Goat Rearing Project’. Under this project, poverty-stricken women living in rural areas of Bangladesh will be given a male or a female goat which they will look after and multiply in number as time goes on. The desired outcome is to create a sustainable source of food and earnings for these women in the later days.

The project was initiated with the distribution of 10 goats along with necessary medical supplies among women belonging to a marginalised community in Sreemangal Upazila of Bangladesh. The activities just do not stop here, vets have been assigned to regularly visit these women to check up on their goats, ensure their proper health and growth and also educate these women further about goat rearing through awareness programmes. CAC plans to expand this project further along with the hope to create a sustainable future and better living for these fallen-back communities. It is believed that empowering an individual can inspire positive changes in their surroundings.

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