Education Support – Lots of excitement and smiles in the air!

A special delivery of school supplies where given to the children in Sreemmangal, Bangladesh. Such gifts have been sent out to 120 children of the marginalised Shabdakar (also known as Dalit) communities in five villages of Sreemangal, Bangladesh. This project is providing the essential school stationary to help the children stay in school.

The people from the Dalit communities have had nothing short of a difficult life with their human rights being violated at every turn, these communities have faced such difficulties on a daily basis.

Care Across Communities has recently sent gifts for 120 Dalit children in Sreemangal, Bangladesh. Each of them received school bag, pens, pencils, exercise copies, erasers, sharpeners, and scale and pencil bags from Care Across Communities. Thanks to our partner organisation MAC, Bangladesh. With their support we managed to distribute all school supplies from the 1st of July continued till 5th July.

This is the first time the children of this community have received such gifts from an organisation. Both the children and parents were ecstatic and grateful for such kind gifts. We are hopeful that the gifts will motivate children to continue their education.

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