Care Across Communities aims to bridge education to the rarely privileged communities.  We will focus on supporting the primary school going children, aged from 6 to 12 among marginalised communities in South Asia and Africa. Due to the poverty and social challenges, many children are not lucky enough to get opportunity to go to school. We will work with local partners to identify challenges, case by case, and support children to continue education. We believe that it is important to complete their education as most of them get deprived from primary school.

We will conduct awareness building campaigns for the children and their parents in the remote areas of the different parts of the world. We will work on that area by running education campaign, providing scholarship, and upholding the ways to get admission in universities.

We are aiming to initiate pilot projects to develop skills so that people from poor communities could find jobs and maintain their livelihoods. Due to various reasons, traditional education and skills alone may not be able to provide jobs for all. Hence, we will identify appropriate skills needed for the society and focus on developing those skills for marginalised and poor communities.