Focus group session with an indigenous community


The community and their needs are always at the heart of our cause.

At Care Across Communities (CAC) we believe that by talking directly to the community members we can gain a better understanding of the struggles they are facing, and the ways that we can help to alleviate this.


As part of our education project, our volunteer Monika Nokrek conducted a focus group session with women from the marginalised Garo community in a rural village of the Tangail district of Bangladesh, and interviewed a primary school teacher of this area on behalf of CAC.

It was important to gather their insights as it is these women’s children and this teacher’s students who are the beneficiaries of our education project, and they know first-hand which obstacles and challenges they need help overcoming the most.


Monika also checked in with these same children, to understand their feelings towards the education project, and in what ways CAC is supporting them.

By engaging with the community and using their unique insights, we are able to gain a fuller understanding of their lives, their needs and how we at CAC can best support them.

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