This aspect encompasses a wide spectrum, but our focus will primarily be on maternal health and adolescent girls’ sexual reproductive health. We believe that every mother should maintain a healthy diet during their pregnancy. However, this happens rarely on the remote corners of several nations. As a result, mothers are highly affected by malnutrition. What is even more shocking is the lack of awareness of the basics of maternal health, and the ramifications of endangering future generations. With an increased risk of developing illnesses and a shorter lifespan, what chances these children lose during their formative years matter echo for decades afterwards. Poor maternal health does not just affect mother and child; it affects the individual – it affects the community.

Women’s health faces a grim reality, not just during parenthood but also during puberty. Studies show that girls, many from a rural background, lose days at school because of a lack of menstrual coping essentials. This is a heightened problem when considering that many girls in underdeveloped countries, usually from the ages of 12 to 16, are laborers, and so are subject to insufficient hygiene whilst working. They are stuck in a rut and can find it extremely hard to escape their economic circumstances, all due to unavailable relief during their period.

This is where we come in. We will educate girls about the periodical cycle through health campaigns, aiding sanitary pads and showing them the proper way to achieve a healthy and hygienic lifestyle during menstruation. We are making a campaign to increase awareness of this issue through campaigns.

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