Our Organisation & Values

Care Across Communities is grassroots, back-to-basics charity focusing on developing communities in least developed countries.

Care Across Communities (CAC) was founded in 2021, based on the vision of a better and fairer world. We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales) as a completely not-for- profit charitable organisation.

Care Across Communities (CAC) comprises of a group of passionate individuals from different communities across the world. We want to use our strength of diversity to care for communities. With hubs in places like Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya, our vision is to provide resources to communities in villages and cities so they can combat the consequences of poverty – from eliminating hunger to children’s education.

We are working directly or with grassroot level local partners in different countries so that we can use the local resources, expertise, and community insights to bring changes that matter to local people. By focusing on the network and not just the individual, we can make a difference by giving people a helping hand and a safety net.

As a charity, Care Across Communities (CAC) builds its assets on volunteers — from its advisory to action levels. Our collaboration with local organisation enables us to keep overhead costs at its minimum, ensuring the maximum use of local resources. We believe in the old saying, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned.’ We reuse this earned penny to make a bigger change in communities that need it the most.


Our values are important to us. We are committed to bring positive changes in communities, societies and those who need support and care.

Our organisation’s values are:

  1. Caring -We care and support all regardless backgrounds, races, or differences.
  2. Integrity & Transparency – We are committed to run the charity in the most transparent way possible. We are only custodians of your contributions. We are accountable for spending each of your pennies to make this world fairer and better.
  3. Diversity & Inclusion – We strongly believe diversity and inclusion is the strength of our charity to fight against the poverty. This value has strongly reflected and implemented on how we are formed and operated.
  4. Resilience – We strongly believe that we need to keep fighting against the poverty every day regardless hurdles, constrains, and challenges. We are here to stay until we achieve success in relieving poverty and easing day to day survival struggles for many.