Our Visions & Goals

Our Visions


Whether by donating pennies or precious time, we believe that our guiding tenet to making a difference is to simply care. It is the first step – just like it is our first word.


We are not defined by geographical boundaries, by borders or by beliefs. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned – so we work, and we give, to people all around the globe.


Human beings are nodes in a network, and these networks are the safety nets that individuals can lean on in times of need. To nourish these is to nurture steps towards a truly egalitarian global society.

Our Goals

Our goals are simply stated. We are here to fight against the poverty.  We are inspired from the United Nation’s sustainable development goal to create a better, fairer world by 2030. Our aim is to work with underserved and disadvantaged communities of different context to achieve the following goals:

  1. Eliminating Hunger
  2. Ensure safe water & sanitation
  3. Better health and oral hygiene
  4. Education & skill development for women and children
  5. Empowering women and end gender-based violence in communities.