Do you want to make difference? Do you want to support those who need our love and care? How about joining Care Across Communities as a volunteer to bring about change to underdeveloped societies from every corner of the globe?

Care Across Communities (CAC) is in a mission to create a better and fairer world for all. We are completely not-for-profit organisation and tirelessly working to bring sustainable positive change in the society. We are working solely for the betterment of all. As our aim is to spend most, if not all, of the donations and grants for the causes, so we are relying on volunteers like you to minimise cost of administration as much as possible. We are looking for your skills that could be invaluable for the charity. We are looking for diversified knowledge, expertise or even simply your time. Even it does not matter if you have no skill, we want volunteers with positive attitude and true determination to help others.

If you think that you can make difference then please send a simple email to volunteering@careacrosscommunities.org .

Join us! Learn and work in your free time.