Water & Sanitation

The access to groundwater in our focus areas such as Bangladesh is vital to many communities. In some rural villages, nearby streams are used for everything, including washing – making drinking stream water not viable. As a result, the demand for tube-wells has never been greater.

The issue of clean water has also been compounded by the recent Covid-19 crisis. Because many communities have had no access to clean water, this makes the act of cleaning their hands effectively impossible, which spreads infection. Therefore, setting up tube-wells in these areas are very vital to the poor communities. Our Charity will help these poor communities to have access to safe and clean water.

We are also focusing on helping communities to have access to proper sanitation. It is estimated that only 40% of the Bangladeshi population has access to proper sanitation. In the case of rural communities, this means that the only means of effective sewers are cloth screens around an open space. This is outwardly negative towards their health, as ineffective disposal of human waste leads to an increase in diseases such as cholera.

The building blocks of civilisation lies in the handling of our waste. Therefore, the World Bank predicts that the acceleration of growth and the elimination of poverty hinges on the availability of good, clean water and improved sanitation (World Bank, 2018). That is why the money that you donate to our charity will go to building these tube-wells and essential toilet facilities.

It is easy to take for granted that which comes from our taps. If you donate today, you will make sure that more people halfway round the world will not live with a distant dream, but with a human right.