We are the difference

Care across communities distinguishes itself from majority of charities in several ways.


1: We are a grassroots organisation

Our charity is built from the ground up, and every layer is strongly linked to the next. From the CEO to the citizen, our voices have the same amplitude.


2: We are volunteer-focused

We believe that in order to build up poor communities, we need a rich volunteer network. This is an internationally developed concept, so a content creator in the UK has direct communication to those delivering donations in Africa.


3: We have no middle management

One of the issues with a large organisation is the money necessary to pay for administrators. We eliminate overhead costs by focusing on local organisations. This decentralised method keeps money expenditure to a minimum. As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

This mean that, for every penny you spend, we will ensure that all the amount is spent for supporting or promoting the cause you have chosen.