Who We Are

Illina Huq

Founding Chief Executive Officer

Illina Huq has been appointed as the founding Chief Executive of Care Across Communities (CAC). Illina has vast experience of working in the charity sector. Prior to joining Care Across Communities (CAC), Illina had worked for Women’s Federation of England.

Illina has done her master’s in International Politics & Human Rights from City University London. She has also done master’s degree in Economics and post-graduation diploma in International Relations from University of Dhaka.

Illina brings her wealth of experience particularly in research, evaluation and improvement of minority rights, domestic violence, women’s empowerment, and fight against the hunger. Illina has experience of working in both domestic and international issues. Illina is very keen to empower women and improve health and hygiene of children and women especially from marginalised and poor communities in the least developed countries. Illina’s vision is to operate the charity to make a sustainable impact in the development of marginalised & poor communities who are lagged or left behind by the mainstream society. Illina’s innovative ideas will also set the charity on the right path to assist communities and societies alike to achieve sustainable development goals.

Dr Rifat Mahbub

Chair, Board of Trustee

Dr Rifat Mahbub is the founding chair of Care Across Communities’ (CAC) Board of Trustees.  She works as a Research Programme Manager in the Research for Social Care department of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), England. Prior to that, she worked as an academic at BRAC University, Bangladesh after finishing her PhD from the University of York in 2014. Rifat has an in-depth practical experience of research in both humanities and social sciences, with a particular interest in gender and skilled migration. She also worked in different charity organisations in the UK in both volunteer and paid capacities, including at Barnet Refugee Service and Toynbee Hall, London.

Whether through her research or work, Rifat has been passionate to contribute in making a positive difference in underserved communities. Care Across Communities (CAC) is the pathway through which she wants to reach out to communities across the world. She wants to utilise her expertise and experience as a researcher and a programme manager to help CAC realise its dream of reaching out to people and communities, where connections are built and resources are shared, to build a better future.

Marya Jabeen


Marya Jabeen is one of the founding trustees of Care Across Communities (CAC). She is currently the marketing manager at Surrey Translation Bureau and previously worked with Samsung Electronics as a Content Writer. In addition to a BA and MA in Media and Communications from Jamia Millia Islamia University, India, Marya has vast experience in digital marketing, brand communication and public relations. She has also worked with several charities in the past, in paid and volunteer capacities, including Sight for Surrey, Muslim Aid and Oxfam.

Marya is passionate about issues that affect the most vulnerable sections of the society, especially in South East Asian countries. She offers her insight and expertise as a marketeer and media person to CAC to put together strategies for better promotion of its values, objectives and campaigns.

Dr Jevgenija Pavlova


Dr Jevgenija Pavlova is one of the founding trustees of Care Across Communities (CAC).  Jevgenija works as a Senior Project Manager in IT & Engineering. Jevgenija is also a Chartered Engineer with Royal Aeronautical Society and obtained PhD in Computational Engineering and master’s in mathematics.

Jevgenija is dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty and injustice; provide support and aid to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, malnutrition, exclusion from health care and education; focus on creating greater opportunities for disadvantaged people.She is experienced in and knowledgeable about the development and implementation of strategy to enable organisational growth and is highly experienced in leading teams and managing budgets.

M Wasiur Rouf  CEng, FIMarEST


Wasiur Rouf is one of the founding trustees of Care Across Communities (CAC). A chartered engineer by profession, Wasiur works for an international energy company based in London as one of their Engineering Authorities. Wasiur is a graduate of Newcastle University (UK) with a master’s degree in Marine Technology. Wasiur is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) UK. Wasiur is also the vice chair of the Membership committee of the IMarEST, UK.

Wasiur is committed to work for the betterment of those who need support and care through his involvement as a trustee of CAC. Wasiur believes that through his role in CAC, he could play a greater role in the fight against the poverty. Wasiur is a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion. Wasiur’s experience of working in diverse and global environment would be very beneficial to the charity to operate at home and abroad with very diverse team.

Errol Baran


Errol Baran has joined Care Across Communities as Advisor. Errol is the Senior Vice President of BBC’s (British Broadcasting Corporation)  Global Business Development and Innovation Team. He has previously worked as a commercial director for the popular music channel VEVO, as well as working 13 years for Channel Four as a Commercial Controller, Head of New Media and Digital Advertising , then finally as the Head of Future and Digital media.

Speaking of CAC, he was drawn to the charity due to the hard work of the whole CAC team, especially in reaching out with their care and support to the marginalised communities in Bangladesh and Uganda. Filled with a passionate desire to give back, he has chosen to offer his skills and advice to help CAC realise its full potential.

Errol brings decades of experience in business development, strategy, and planning, and will be of tremendous assistance in coordinating CAC’s growth, to help bring relief to communities around the world. We welcome him with open arms.

Dr Elisa Fiaccadori


Elisa Fiaccadori is one of the advisors of Care Across Communities (CAC). She is currently an English teacher at Istituto Comprensivo Cadoneghe, Italy and ‘FS’ (Funzione Strumentale) for the evaluation process of students within the Institute. She was previously working as a Visiting Lecturer at City University London, teaching two human rights courses (a BSc Sociology Programme & and a MA Sociology Programme). In addition to a BA (Hons) in Sociology and an MA in Social Research, she holds a PhD in Sociology from Goldsmiths University and she is interested in questions concerning education, gender equality, social justice and class struggle. She has recently translated a book for Seagull Books, titled Class by A. Cavaletti (2019).

Elisa believes that working with CAC will provide her with plenty of opportunities to put her knowledge into practice; to work toward creating better living conditions for the most vulnerable, the underrepresented and the disenfranchised. She believes that her sociological knowledge, insight and expertise coupled with the knowledge and experience she has gained as a teacher in the last few years, will help her to put together strategies for better development of CAC’s values, objectives and campaigns.

Dr Mafiun Nafisa Huq


Dr Mafiun Nafisa Huq is an advisor of Care Across Communities (CAC). Dr Nafisa is a dental surgeon by profession and runs a successful dental and wellness centre, Aesthetic Dental & Wellness, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She obtained bachelor’s in dental surgery (BDS) degree from University of Dhaka and did her master’s in public health (MPH) from American International University of Bangladesh. Dr Nafisa was the fellow of USAID and worked in improving public health sector in Bangladesh. Dr Nafisa is also director of a hospital (York Hospital) in Dhaka.

Dr Nafisa has already earned impeccable respect in the country through her voluntary works by conducting free dental campaigns and treatments for the underprivileged in Bangladesh. Dr Nafisa’s experience and knowledge in health and oral hygiene will be much needed for CAC to help marginalised and poor communities in this regard. Dr Nafisa is also keen to share her knowledge and support CAC in improving oral and health hygiene outside Bangladesh.

Yamin Nahar


Ms Yamin Nahar is one of the founding advisers of Care Across Communities (CAC). She brings with her a wealth of experience of working in non-government organisations (NGOs) in Bangladesh over more than twenty years. With an MA in Economics from Dhaka University, Ms Nahar worked in Bangladesh Mohila Angan, Munshiganj, a women’s grassroot organisation from 1981-1988, focusing on maternal health, birth control, and mass infant immunisation programmes such as vaccination against polio and chicken pox. In the 1990s, she worked as a project coordinator of Manobik Shahajjo Shanstha (MSS), an NGO funded by the Asia Foundation.

She spearheaded a range of programmes aimed at empowering women and girls including providing microcredit to women in slums, working with adolescent girls to raise awareness about female sexual and reproductive health, and managing slum education programmes in Dhaka. From 2001-2003, she was the founding director of Pratyasha Samaj Unnoyon Sanstha (a non-profit organisation) that ran micro-credit programmes to empower underserved communities such as women in poor households in Dhaka. Ms Nahar builds networks with local NGOs  in Bangladesh on behalf of CAC and contributes in developing its strategies and roadmaps for future impact.

Dr Martin Mudambo Dondo


Dr Martin Mudambo Dondo is an advisor of Care Across Communities. Dr Dondo has PhD in Leadership and Governance with a double master’s in strategic planning, Finance and Accounting. Dr Dondo has vast experience in working with governments and international organisations such as Care International, PriceWaterHouse, in a few African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia. Dr Martin, based in Kenya, has also worked for the US government’s agency ‘Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’ in Africa for eight years.

Dr Martin’s deep experience of working in government and private sectors in African region would be beneficial for Care Across Communities to deliver activities in the region. Dr Martin is a proven change manager, strategist and has deep passion to support people from poor and marginalised communities.

Mark Livingston CEng, CMarEng, FIMarEST


Mark Livingston is an advisor of Care Across Communities. Mark has worked in the shipping and energy industry in the UK and abroad for more than four decades prior to his retirement at the end of 2020. Mark, lives in Scotland, is a chartered engineer and has vast experience in project management, optimisation, and risk management. Mark is also a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) UK.

Mark is always keen to share his experience and knowledge that gained over many years to help people and young generation. The combination of his knowledge and determination to help people has influenced him to be an advisor of Care Across Communities.  Care Across Communities believes that Mark’s knowledge particularly in project management will be invaluable for the charity.